Maurice Benard Leaving General Hospital Latest Updates

Maurice Benard Leaving General Hospital? Latest Updates

Is Maurice Benard leaving General Hospital after Season 61? Get the latest on Sonny Corinthos’ future in the soap opera.


Fans of General Hospital are buzzing with speculation about Maurice Benard’s future on the show, particularly regarding his iconic role as Sonny Corinthos.

Maurice Benard

Is Maurice Benard Leaving General Hospital after Season 61?

As of early July 2024, there has been no official confirmation of Maurice Benard’s departure from General Hospital after Season 61.

Concrete has yet to be announced despite occasional hints and discussions about his future.

Recent Speculation and Statements

Benard has occasionally discussed the possibility of leaving.

In November 2023, a cryptic social media post sparked speculation when he hinted at retirement after a fan’s comment.

Similarly, during an April 2022 YouTube episode, he reflected on the acting challenges and hinted at pursuing other interests.

Future Plans and Uncertainty

While Benard has expressed contentment with his current role, he has also hinted at exploring other projects, such as his YouTube show State of Mind.

His plans remain uncertain, leaving fans curious about what is next for Sonny Corinthos.

Does Sonny Die in General Hospital Season 61?

As of early July 2024, producers and Maurice Benard have had no discussions or hints about Sonny Corinthos’ potential death in Season 61.

Given Sonny’s longstanding presence in the series, any decision to write off the character would likely be carefully considered.


In conclusion, while speculation about Maurice Benard’s departure continues, there is no definitive answer.

Fans must await further updates on Sonny Corinthos’ future in General Hospital.

Stay tuned for more developments!

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