Trump's Misconceptions on Electric Planes and Batteries

Trump’s Misconceptions on Electric Planes and Batteries

Explore Donald Trump’s misunderstandings about electric planes and batteries, debunked by aviation experts. Learn more about the realities of electric aviation.


Donald Trump’s recent comments on battery-powered airplanes have sparked debate.

His concerns about solar energy and electric planes reveal misunderstandings that experts quickly clarify.

Trump’s Confusion Unveiled

During a recent speech, Trump expressed skepticism about the feasibility of battery-powered airplanes, particularly in cloudy conditions.

He mistakenly conflated solar-powered aircraft with electric planes powered by batteries.

Aviation experts like James Fallows clarified that electric planes rely solely on batteries, not solar power.

They likened Trump’s concerns to questioning the use of an iPhone in the dark.

Expert Insights

James Fallows, a pilot, emphasized that electric planes can operate day or night, much like Tesla cars.

Meanwhile, MIT’s Donald R. Sadoway highlighted the current limitations in battery technology for aviation, citing the power-to-weight ratio as a significant hurdle.


Despite Trump’s skepticism, experts assert that electric planes are feasible with advancements in battery technology.

This highlights the need for informed discussions on renewable energy in political discourse.

Understanding the realities of electric aviation is crucial as technology evolves.

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