Indian Embassy in Bishkek Situation Normalizes After Attacks on Foreign Students

Indian Embassy in Bishkek: Situation Normalizes After Attacks on Foreign Students

Indian Embassy in Bishkek assures safety as normalcy returns after attacks on international students. Indian students are urged to stay calm and focus on exams.



Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan—The Indian Embassy in Bishkek announced on Wednesday that normalcy has returned to the city following recent unrest that targeted foreigners and caused concern among Indian students. 

The violent incidents last week prompted India to advise its students in Bishkek to stay indoors.

There are approximately 17,000 Indian students in the Kyrgyz Republic, mostly based in Bishkek. 

The embassy expressed concern over the violence but noted the swift action taken by Kyrgyz authorities to restore order. 

“No untoward incident has been reported in Bishkek during the past few days. There are no restrictions on the movement of transport or people. However, as a precaution, the classes are being conducted online,” the statement read.

Officials have also cautioned students and their families against believing false news being spread by “some mischievous elements.” 

To reassure the students, the Indian Ambassador visited Jalal-Abad State University and the International Higher School of Medicine on May 18 and 22. 

Additionally, embassy representatives visited the International Medical University, the Eurasian Medical University, the Royal Metropolitan University, and the Avicenna University on May 21 and 22.

Akash Patel, an MBBS student at the International Medical University in Bishkek, shared his experience with The Free Press Journal. 

“The 17th Night was extremely stressful and panic-inducing, but the situation is gradually returning to normal. However, there is still a lingering sense of fear. Some individuals are threatening, ready to engage in fights, and using abusive language,” he said.

Patel also highlighted the support he’s receiving from local friends. 

“They help me by purchasing groceries and fulfilling any other requirements I have. They also assist me in commuting between the university and home,” he mentioned.

Regarding the Indian embassy’s involvement, Patel added, “We had a meeting with our Indian ambassador, who is supporting us. He listens to our problems and is actively working to address them. He advised us not to panic and stay calm and emphasized the importance of taking our exams and obtaining our degrees. My state exam is scheduled to begin on June 3rd, so we are preparing diligently. Moreover, they have assured our parents not to panic.”

The embassy continues to monitor the situation closely and remains in constant communication with the students to ensure their safety and well-being.


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