Travis Kelce Reveals His Favorite Taylor Swift Era and Song at Kelce Jam

Travis Kelce Reveals His Favorite Taylor Swift Era and Song at Kelce Jam

Travis Kelce reveals his favorite Taylor Swift-era song at the Kelce Jam music festival. Discover the special track from “The Tortured Poets Department.”


At the second annual Kelce Jam music festival, professional football player Travis Kelce shared his favorite musical era of his girlfriend, Taylor Swift

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end revealed his top pick during an interview with “Access Hollywood.”

“I am a big ‘1989’ fan,” Kelce stated. “But I am not going to lie, I may be a little biased towards ‘The Tortured Poets Department.’ Just a little bit.”

Kelce’s affinity for ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ takes on a deeper meaning, as many fans speculate that he may have been the muse behind some of the songs on Swift’s latest album, creating a unique bond between the couple and their music.

When asked which of Swift’s songs he would include in his music festival, Kelce considered several options before choosing “So High School.”

“‘So High School’ is the only one that’s coming to my mind now,” he said. “I think everyone would go up for that one.”

For those unfamiliar, “So High School” is a track from “The Tortured Poets Department,” in which Swift sings, “I feel so high school every time I look at you” and, “You knew what you wanted, and boy, you got her.”

This sweet nod to their relationship feels like a classic American high school romance scene, with the star football player meeting the pop princess after publicly expressing his interest in her via a friendship bracelet.

Kelce Jam, a highly anticipated event in Kansas City, is a heartfelt tribute to the Kansas City Chiefs’ supporters. 

Travis Kelce’s carefully chosen song, ‘So High School,’ adds a deeply personal and exciting element to the event, leaving fans eager for the festival.


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