Meta Oversight Board Questions Meta's Deepfake Policy in Biden Video Case

Meta Oversight Board Questions Meta’s “Deepfake” Policy in Biden Video Case

Meta‘s independent Oversight Board has reviewed a Facebook video falsely implicating President Joe Biden and found it does not violate Meta’s current rules. 

However, they criticized these rules as “confusing” and “incoherent” regarding AI-generated content.

The case began when a user complained about an altered video of President Biden on Meta’s platform. 

This marks the first critique of Meta’s “manipulated media” policy, which aims to prevent misleading videos and addresses concerns about AI’s role in influencing elections.

The Oversight Board suggests that Meta should update the rule to cover audio and video content, with labels to identify manipulated content. 

They should have extended the policy to photographs due to enforcement challenges.

Meta plans to update the policy in response to evolving AI technologies.

The altered video showed real footage of President Biden during the 2022 U.S. midterm elections. 

The Oversight Board supports Meta’s decision to keep the video on its platform under the current policy, which removes AI-altered videos or those misrepresenting speech. 

They recommend labeling misleading content instead of removal.

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