Six Mistakes That Can Make Your Car a Target for Thieves

Six Mistakes That Can Make Your Car a Target for Thieves

Protect your car from theft with these tips: lock doors, avoid leaving valuables visible, and use security devices. Keep your vehicle safe!

Owning a car is a big investment, but if you are not careful, it can become a target for thieves. 

Whether you own, lease, or rent a car, it is important to take steps to protect it. 

We asked experts to share the things that burglars look for in cars, and here are six common mistakes that can make your car more vulnerable to break-ins:

  1. Unlocked Doors or Open Windows: Thieves often look for easy opportunities. Leaving your car doors unlocked or windows open, even just a crack, can make your car an easy target. Thieves can use tools to unlock your car if the window is open.
  2. Leaving Your Car Running Unattended: Some people leave their car running while running errands or in a store. This is a big invitation for thieves. Always turn off your engine and take your keys when leaving your car.
  3. Visible Valuables: Never leave expensive items like phones, laptops, or cameras in plain sight in your car, even temporarily. Thieves are more likely to break in if they see something valuable.
  4. Dark and Obscured Parking Spots: Thieves prefer to target cars in isolated areas without witnesses. When parking, choose well-lit and secure spots like garages, lots with attendants, or areas with surveillance cameras.
  5. High-End Cars: Expensive cars are more attractive to thieves for their value and because their parts can be sold separately. SUVs are particularly targeted due to their popularity and valuable components.
  6. Older Models: Older cars with outdated security systems are also at risk. Thieves target them because their parts are in demand on the black market.

How to Stay Safe

To protect your car and possibly reduce your insurance costs, consider these security tips:

  1. Install a Tracking Device: A tracking device can help locate your car if it is stolen.
  2. Etch Your VIN: Etching your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into your car’s windows can deter thieves.
  3. Use a Steering Wheel Lock: Steering wheel locks make it harder for thieves to steal your car.
  4. Dash Cam with Parking Mode: A dash cam with parking mode can record any disturbances around your car.

Remember, the goal is to make your car less appealing to thieves. 

You can also use security stickers to indicate the presence of an alarm system or tracking device, even if they are not visible. 

Protecting your car is essential to keep your investment safe.

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