Meghan McCain Criticizes Kari Lake, Backs Sinema for Senate

Meghan McCain Criticizes Kari Lake, Backs Sinema for Senate

In a recent heated exchange, Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain from Arizona, strongly criticized Kari Lake, a Republican candidate for the Senate.

Meghan McCain dismissed Lake as not a serious candidate and expressed her displeasure with Lake’s past negative comments about her family and the McCain Republicans.

Instead of accepting an apology from Lake, McCain showed her support for Sen. Kristen Sinema, an independent, suggesting she would prefer Sinema for the Senate in 2024.

Sen. Sinema, who has yet to announce her candidacy, is challenged to collect approximately 42,000 signatures by April 1 to qualify for the race.

McCain described Lake as “pathetic” and “delusional,” accusing her of following former President Trump in hopes of being chosen as his vice-presidential candidate.

McCain’s criticism follows Lake’s unsuccessful campaign for governor, during which Lake attacked the McCain family and supporters, labelling them as untrue Republicans.

The feud between Lake and the McCains dates back to Lake’s gubernatorial campaign 2022, where she disparaged the McCain family and their supporters.

Despite Lake’s attempt to downplay her comments as humour, Meghan McCain has taken them seriously, underscoring their tension.

As the Senate race heats up, the rivalry between Lake and the McCain family highlights the deep divisions within the Republican Party in Arizona.

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