Penn Entertainment Set to Launch ESPN Bet in New York

Penn Entertainment Set to Launch ESPN Bet in New York

Penn Entertainment acquires a New York sports betting license and plans to launch ESPN Bet. The majorThis major move signals growth, a partnership with ESPN, and market expansion.

Big Steps in Sports Betting

In a significant move within the sports betting world, Penn Entertainment Inc. has acquired a crucial New York sports betting license from the interactive unit of Wynn Resorts Ltd. 

This bold step is part of Penn’s plan to bring its ESPN Bet brand to the bustling New York market sometime this year.

Acquisition and Growth

By spending $25 million on the license, Penn is committed to expanding its presence in sports betting. 

This move is particularly noteworthy as Wynn Resorts steps back from its national sports betting ambitions, choosing instead to focus on other areas of its business.

Penn, on the other hand, is pushing forward with renewed vigour. 

After deciding to part ways with the Barstool Sports brand amidst controversy, Penn has now teamed up with ESPN in a massive $2 billion licensing deal, setting the stage for the launch of ESPN Bet.

What is Next with ESPN Bet

Jay Snowden, the CEO of Penn, emphasized the significance of this new venture.

He pointed out that bringing ESPN Bet to New York is a major milestone, as it represents entering North America’s largest regulated online sports betting market. 

This move is a key part of Penn’s strategy to become a major player in the sports betting industry.

The Future of Sports Betting in New York

The sports betting community eagerly awaits ESPN Bet’s arrival in New York. 

Penn Entertainment’s move is expected to shake up the market, offering sports fans new and exciting options for online betting.

Industry experts are watching closely to see how Penn’s entry into the New York market with the ESPN Bet brand will impact the competitive landscape.

With the backing of a powerhouse like ESPN, there is much anticipation around what this could mean for the future of sports betting in the area.


Penn Entertainment’s acquisition of the New York sports betting license and its plans to launch ESPN Bet mark a bold leap forward in its growth strategy.

This initiative is not just about expanding Penn’s presence in the sports betting market; it is about setting the stage for what could be a new era in online sports wagering in New York. 

With ESPN Bet, Penn is poised to make a significant impact, offering sports fans a fresh and dynamic betting experience.

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