Boat Collision Near PortMiami Injures Over a Dozen

Boat Collision Near PortMiami Injures Over a Dozen

In Miami, a collision between two boats on Sunday afternoon near PortMiami resulted in injuries to over a dozen people. 

The incident in Fisherman’s Channel close to Dodge Island around 3:15 p.m. prompted a large-scale response from emergency services.

More than 30 personnel from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, two fireboats and an air rescue unit rushed to the scene. 

The City of Miami Fire, the Florida Wildlife Commission, and the U.S. Coast Guard assisted them. 

The boats involved in the crash were identified as a tour boat and a recreational vessel.

Due to the significant number of people affected, the response was intensified, necessitating additional manpower. 

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue informed CBS News Miami that 13 individuals were taken to a local hospital by the responding teams. 

Others present at the scene received evaluations and were allowed to leave.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash to determine what caused this unfortunate event near one of Miami’s busiest ports.

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