Riyadh Season Draws 17 Million Visitors with Diverse Entertainment

Riyadh Season Draws 17 Million Visitors with Diverse Entertainment

Since kicking off in late October, the Riyadh Season has become a magnet for entertainment enthusiasts, attracting 17 million visitors, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Friday. 

The event, known for its rich tapestry of entertainment, games, shopping, festivals, and exhibitions, offers something for everyone under this year’s theme, “Big Time.”

The season has hosted numerous events, including the recently concluded Riyadh Season Cup, and continues to roll out new and exciting activities across its various regions. 

Highlights include Boulevard City, which offers international entertainment; Boulevard World, which showcases diverse international cultures; and VIA Riyadh, a haven for cinema, cafes, restaurants, and global brands. 

Each area is uniquely designed to cater to the varied tastes of its visitors.

Now in its fourth edition, the Riyadh Season has successfully drawn visitors from all demographics, offering various entertainment options. 

The event has been particularly noted for its plays and artistic evenings featuring Arab artists, held in theatres and restaurants across the city. 

This blend of cultural and entertainment offerings ensures that the Riyadh Season remains a key attraction for people seeking fun and enjoyment.

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