New Visa-Free Agreement Spurs Travel Between Singapore and China

New Visa-Free Agreement Spurs Travel Between Singapore and China

Starting February 9th, Singapore and China will implement a mutual 30-day visa-free travel arrangement, increasing travel interest between the two countries.

This agreement, announced on January 25th, allows citizens to visit the other nation for up to a month without a visa.

Following the announcement, travel agencies and airlines have reported a significant uptick in inquiries and bookings.

The scheme builds on the momentum of a previously reinstated 15-day visa exemption for Singaporeans, boosting travel demand to China.

Travel companies are seeing substantial increases in tour sign-ups and inquiries, with some considering expanding their offerings to accommodate longer stays.

Airlines, including Jetstar Asia and Singapore Airlines, have noted greater interest in flights between the countries, with potential plans to increase service frequency.

The Singapore Tourism Board is optimistic about recovering Chinese tourist arrivals, aiming to surpass pre-pandemic levels.

Travelers from both countries have welcomed the new arrangement, highlighting the benefits of easier travel and the opportunity to explore each country more thoroughly.

The visa-free policy will strengthen cultural, tourism, and business ties between Singapore and China.

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