Singapore Introduces Fellowship for Global Leadership Development

Singapore Introduces Fellowship for Global Leadership Development

Singapore has launched a new fellowship program to prepare its professionals for global leadership roles. 

The initiative, spearheaded by the Singapore Leaders Network (SGLN) and supported by the Economic Development Board, aims to equip mid- to senior-level Singaporeans with the skills needed for international management positions.

Introduced on January 23, 2024, the program welcomed its first cohort of 60 fellows, including experienced leaders like Ms. Poh Hwee Hian from Sats’ food solutions group. 

The fellowship offers leadership training, mentorship, project work, and networking opportunities, focusing on enhancing participants’ global business acumen.

Keynote speaker Jill Lee underscored the importance of international exposure for developing global leadership skills.

 The program also includes partnerships with leading firms, such as ABB and DBS Bank, to promote meaningful overseas assignments for Singaporean professionals.

This initiative represents Singapore’s commitment to advancing its citizens’ careers on the global stage, providing a structured pathway for aspiring global leaders like Ms Poh and Ms Rafidah Rahumathullah to excel internationally.

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