Hamas Demands Release of 'Palestinian Mandela' Marwan Barghouti in Cease-Fire Talks

Hamas Demands Release of ‘Palestinian Mandela’ Marwan Barghouti in Cease-Fire Talks

Hamas is demanding the release of Marwan Barghouti, a well-known Palestinian prisoner, in current cease-fire negotiations with Israel. 

Barghouti, often compared to Nelson Mandela by some Palestinians, is serving five life sentences for his involvement in attacks against Israelis. 

This move by Hamas aims to gain public support and recognize Barghouti’s unifying role among Palestinians. 

Despite being in prison, Barghouti remains highly popular, even more so than Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader

This demand is a significant point of discussion in ongoing negotiations as international mediators work to end a conflict that began with Hamas’ attacks on Israel in October.

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